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So much anger in this episode, first we get confronted by Nathan, then decide to push our luck by asking for favors from Frank. I'd like to take a nap with t.. You can use the knowledge from the police officer in the conversation with Nathan. Simply select Cop's information option while talking to him. He will reveal a secret about Frank, the Blood Oath. After the conversation with Nathan try talking to Frank Frank Bowers is a known local drug dealer who knows Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, and the owner of former dog-fight dog Pompidou.He lives in an RV that moves around in various places within Arcadia Bay.. He is a minor antagonist in Out of Time, and possibly other episodes of the game, depending on your choices.Frank reappears as a major character in the prequel Before the Storm

Chapter 3 | Episode 4: Dark Room Life is Strange Guide. 0. Post Comment. 46. 328. Next Episode 4: Dark Room Walkthrough Chapter 4 Prev Episode 4: Dark Room Walkthrough Chapter 2. After leaving the dormitory, you and Chloe will go to Frank. Before you knock to the door, walk towards the whales and take a photo to your collection. Once you're ready, go to Chloe. IMPORTANT! Further part shows you. Kate message Max and express her disappointment. During the situation on the rooftop, it will be more difficult for you to save Kate. During conversation you will get four dialogue options, but only: I'm gathering proof will bring you closer to saving the girl. The rest of them will bring Kate closer to her death

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After the conversation, head towards the dormitory exit and speak with Warren. You can either go on a date with him (movie), or decline. Regardless of your choice, the conversation will continue in a same manner. Afterwards, head towards the exit to watch a cut scene. After arriving at the place, look around the area before you enter the bar. Go to the parking lot where you will find a. This is a full guide/walkthrough to Life is Strange - Optional photographs and puzzles included! Quick TL;DR sections for those who want a fast run through. Minimal spoilers! Please bear in mind that many scenarios in this game are determinant, and depend on the player's choices throughout their campaign. I've highlighted the key actions in the game in order to progress, but the choices are up. The interaction of choice and consequence is one of the main gameplay mechanics of Life is Strange.Throughout the game's episodes, the player is presented with choices at various points where Max Caulfield could resolve a situation in a number of ways. After these decision points, Max must deal with the consequences of her actions, to a great or minor extent We're not good at this talking thing. Support me on Patreon if you want to https://www.patreon.com/andrearitsu Follow Andrea's Adventures on the Internet T..

In this Life is Strange Choices and Consequences Guide, we take a look at all the important decisions you will have to make that will change the events of the game significantly.We cover all the. After we found Nathan's phone, we are on our way to Frank's RV to ask him for his client's list. Here's a way how to convince him and not to kill him

Most 99% of the dialogue with Frank on the beach. Killed Wounded No One Got Hurt Choice RewindSubscribe https://www.youtube.com/NiZZULiVEFollowFacebook - htt.. Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. hi, in chapter 4 during your conversation with frank, i read that there's an option to tell frank that i love dogs and to show him rachel's photo but no matter how much i try to rewind and answer differently each time, i only have the dog rescue and the you know rachel options..so can anyone here help me with that?i really wanna get the scene where frank sees her photo and gives chloe. Sorry for quality - my internet conection is very bad so I have to upload a small sized videos = bad quality. :Dfirst decision - 00:12 - choose whatever you. Life Is Strange (englisch, auf Deutsch etwa Das Leben ist seltsam) ist ein in fünf Episoden unterteiltes 3D-Adventure des französischen Entwicklers Dontnod Entertainment, dessen erste Episode im Januar 2015 vom japanischen Publisher Square Enix für Windows-PCs und verschiedene Konsolen veröffentlicht wurde

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Episode 3 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm takes us back to the Amber house following the events of the dinner in episod Life Is Strange (later stylised as Life is Strange) is a series of episodic graphic adventure games published by Square Enix's European subsidiary.Created by Dontnod Entertainment, the series debuted with the eponymous first installment, which released episodically in five chapters across 2015.It was followed by a prequel, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, which was developed by Deck Nine and. Life is Strange Wiki Guide. Episode 2: Out of Time. Top Contributors: Shawn Saris, Jakub Koobs Klitenik, Xlr8games + more. Last Edited: 22 Oct 2015 5:28 am. Page Tools. Page is locked. Girls. Life is Strange von Dontnod und Square-Enix folgt zu großen Teilen der mit The Walking Dead etablierten Telltale-Formel interaktiver Geschichten. In der Rolle der Fotografiestudentin Max.

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