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Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2019: So: 11. Aug: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2020: Fr: 31. Jul: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2021: Di: 20. Jul: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2022: So: 10. Jul: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2023: Do: 29. Jun: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 2024: Mo: 17. Jun: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest 2019: Di: 4. Jun: Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) Nationaler Feiertag: 2020: So: 24. Mai: Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) Nationaler Feiertag: 2021: Do: 13. Mai: Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) Nationaler Feiertag: 2022: Di: 3. Mai: Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) Nationaler Feiertag: 2023: Sa: 22. Apr: Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) Nationaler Feiertag: 2024: Mi: 10. Ap

Eid ul Adha 2019 in Saudi Arabia Last Updated: August 10, 2019 — Published: August 1, 2019 8 Comments Assalamualikum, The crescent has been sighted thus Eid ul Adha will be on Sunday, 11th August 2019 in Saudi Arabia, inshaAllah Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: Jun 21: Friday: June Solstice: Season: Aug 10: Saturday: Arafat Day: National holiday: Aug 11: Sunday: Eid al-Adha: National holiday: Aug 12: Monday: Eid al-Adha Holiday: National holiday: Aug 13: Tuesday: Eid al-Adha Holiday: National holiday: Aug 31: Saturday: Muharram (Muslim New Year) Observance: Sep 22: Sunday: Saudi National Day Holiday: National holiday: Sep 2 (Mai 2021, Saudi-Arabien) 13. Mai, Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) 14. Mai, Eid al-Fitr Ferien; 15. Mai, Eid al-Fitr Ferie Eid al-Fitr in Saudi Arabia Eid-al-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr, Eid ul-Fitr, Id-Ul-Fitr, Eid) is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. It marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. Many Muslims attend communal prayers, listen to a khutba (sermon) and give zakat al-fitr (charity in the form of food) during Eid al-Fitr EID Mubarak 2019 Riyadh Saudi Arabia | Eid Al- Fitr 2019 - Duration: 6:09. roland portz Recommended for yo

Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2019: Wed: Jun 5: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2020: Mon: May 25: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2021: Fri: May 14: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2022: Wed: May 4: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2023: Sun: Apr 23: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2024: Thu: Apr 11: Eid al-Fitr Holiday: National holiday: 2025: Tue: Apr Eid al-Adha Holiday: 2019: 10 Aug to 13 Aug: Sat to Tue: Eid al-Adha Holiday: 2018: 20 Aug to 23 Aug: Mon to Thu: Eid al-Adha Holiday: 2017: 31 Aug to 3 Sep: Thu to Sun: Eid al-Adha Holida Saudi Arabia's stock exchange Tadawul announced it would take a nine-day Eid Al-Adha break, starting on 9 August, 2019. The four-day Eid Al-Adha holiday for all private sector employees in the UAE was announced on 4 August, with Arafat Day to be observed on 9 Dhu Al Hijjah 1440 and Eid Al-Adha celebrated on 10, 11, and 12 of the Islamic month.

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Eid al-Fitr Ferien: Nationaler Feiertag: 16. Mai: Sonntag: Eid al-Fitr Ferien: Nationaler Feiertag: 21. Jun: Montag: Juni-Sonnenwende: Jahreszeit (kein Feiertag) 19. Jul: Montag: Tag von Arafat: Nationaler Feiertag: 20. Jul: Dienstag: Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) Nationaler Feiertag: 21. Jul: Mittwoch: Eid al-Adha Ferien: Nationaler Feiertag: 22. Jul: Donnerstag: Eid al-Adha Ferien: Nationaler Feiertag: 10. Au Eid 2019 In Saudi Arabia | Eid 2019 In Pakistan | Date Expected Subscribe My Technical Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESRub4dAG6D-EJc7XnRiGQ DISCL.. Eid in Saudi Arabia's Hijaz region marked by family reunions 1 / 2 It is a tradition in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah for families and friends to visit each other and convey congratulations on the..

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Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) 2021, Saudi-Arabien

  1. Eid is likely to fall on 26th June so five official holidays from Saturday till Wednesday are announced. Adjacent long weekend is a real Eidi for the office employees. Adjacent long weekend is a.
  2. The Saudis, commentators said, deliberately announced the holiday's start on Tuesday in order not to adopt their arch-foe's assessment. Muslim worshippers perform Eid al-Fitr prayers at the Suleymaniye mosque in Istabbul, Turkey, June 4, 2019
  3. Celebrating the lesser Bairam (Eid al-Fitr), Saudi Arabia is to hold one of the biggest Eid festivals in the Middle East, bringing together 13 artists from across the region to perfrom by the end..
  4. Eid tents will be set up in several Riyadh districts so that families, friends and neighbors can connect. There will be carnival events in parks in the Eid Season cities. Firework displays have.
  5. Eid al-Adha in Saudi Arabia Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (also known as Abraham) to follow Allah's (God's) command to sacrifice his son. Muslims around the world observe this event. Is Eid al-Adha a Public Holiday

Eid al-Fitr (Fest des Fastenbrechens) 2021, Saudi-Arabien

Eid al-Fitri is a day when fasting is prohibited, for it is to be a time of feasting and rejoicing over completing Ramadan. The exact date of Eid al-Fitri in Saudi Arabia is declared by national authorities upon the sighting of the new moon. Many other countries also follow the date declared by Saudi Arabia's authorities Eid 2019 In Saudi Arabia | Eid 2019 In Pakistan | Date ConfirmedFitrana For Year 2019https://youtu.be/NtZ4pUKEfZISubscribe My Technical Channelhttps://www.y.. Subscribe and Click the Bell icon so that you don't miss any update.G News Network keeps you updated round the clock, 24 hours of the day with breaking news. In the year 2019, the 30th Ramadan is expected on Tuesday, June 04, 2019. So, every employee in Saudi Arabia is expected to have a minimum of 4 Eid-ul-Fitr holidays starting from Tuesday, June 04, 2019, to Saturday, June 08, 2019. Overtime during Eid Holidays: Employers may ask employees to work during those days

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Eid-al-Fiter 1440 A.H. mabrook to everybody in Saudi Arabia and other G.C.C. countries including Middle East, Europe, Africa and North American Continents. Nevertheless, why can't the 58 plus IOC. Eid-ul-Fitr Moon Sighting 2019: Muslims in Saudi Arabia and around the world have been observing dawn-to-dusk fasts in the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan and are keen to know the date for Chand..

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